We got to keep this thing going, right?! We sure do! Anderson Soares teams up with Will Robson, a longtime friend and one of the greatest movers and shakers of São Paulo’s underground nightlife scene.

We hope this message finds you and yours well. It’s really crazy out there nowdays, but we got to stay positive, do our best to collaborate with the community, wash hands frequently and stay home as much as we can. Look up for our loved ones, and help those who needs assistance.

At same time, we can’t stop doing our thing. Music always proved to be the greatest medicine to heal body, mind and soul. And it isn’t any different right now. We’ve been working from home this past weeks and now we’re happy to announce our next release, Afro Logic!

Originally produced by Will Robson, Afro Logic is a low bpm beat with deep afro vibe and a hypnotic chant, combined perfectly to set tension and build excitement. Soares flipped it in your own way. Speeding up things a notch for the dancefloor, he experimented a different approach, adding percussion elements and keys, but keeping its minimalist and hypnotic essence.

You’ll be able to grab you copy in advance exclusively at our digital store and, starting May 1st, 2020.

Streaming will be available in all platforms in a short future. Press the play button below for the snippets:

And stay tuned for news and upcoming releases, including Anderson Soares feat. Tantra Zawadi “Together As We Dance” and much more.
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